10 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month

As you may know, March is Women’s History Month (WHM). All over the world people are remembering the stories of sheroes who came before us and the remarkable things that they did. Here are 10 ways you can celebrate Women’s History Month this year:

  1. Download the Sheroes of History WHM calendar
    You can download our free WHM calendar here and learn about a different Shero each day of the month. Print it out and pop it up in your office, school or home – or just go online and click on the images to find out more about the brilliant historical heroines.Women's History Month calendar
  2. Discover someone new
    Go to your local library and head to the biography section. Pick a book about an inspiring woman from history you don’t know about, check it out and read it!
  3. Write for us
    Why not write a piece for the Sheroes of History blog  about an inspiring woman from history you think needs more attention! Get in touch if you’d like to know more. *EDIT – Sheroes of History is no longer accepting submissions*
  4. Grab the popcorn
    Why not have a WHM film season? There are some great biopics about sheroes, here are a few to consider:
    Hidden Figures is still in cinemas and is brilliant!
    Frida, about Frida Kahlo
    – Suffragette  (which just came out on DVD)
    Made in Dagenham
    about Sylvia Plath
    – Evitaabout Eva Peron
    – Elizabethabout Queen Elizabeth I
    – Ameliaabout Ameila Earhart
    La Vie en Rose, about Edith Piaf

    Which other movies would you recommend? Get in touch and let us know what to watch!movie_night

  5. Get creative
    Draw a picture of a woman from history! Have a look at our drawing gallery for inspiration, and if you email your picture we’ll add it to the collection!
  6. Find out about events near you
    There are things going on to celebrate WHM all over the world. Find out what’s happening near you and get involved. Google to find out what’s on in your local area.
  7. Browse the Sheroes of History blog!
    While you’re here have a look through the rest of the blog. There are over two hundred incredible women to discover as well as free factsheets to download to help you introduce women’s history to younger readers. Browse by category (list to the left of your screen), century or locations. There are so many incredible stories to explore.
  8. Collect a story/Tell your story! 
    Speak to your grandmother, mother, collegues; find out about the amazing things they got up to in the past. Listen to their stories, video them or write them down. Look through old photos with them and find out about their history. if you discover something worth sharing why not upload a YouTube video or speak to your local museum about sharing an oral history/Speak to your children, friends and family. Tell them about the amazing things you did in the past! Tell your story, write it down, share old photos and objects. History lives on through us and your story is worth telling.
  9. Get social
    Social media is a great way to get involved with WHM. Search the hashtags #WHM, #WHM2016 and #WomensHistoryMonth to join the conversation and find out what’s going on. Share your discoveries! Why not change your profile photo for WHM – we have a great pic you can download and use (right click to save):
    WHM Sheroes of History
  10.  Make history!
    If you’ve been inspired by all the wonderful women you’ve discovered during WHM then go ahead and make your mark! Do something amazing; be a shero and create your own story. One great way to do that would be to support a charity or organisation supporting women today and helping create a more equal world. well_behaved_women_seldom_make_history_poster-rdca667eef858434d9ffde1f5d48b78d5_z6ng9_8byvr_512

One thought on “10 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month”

  1. Film fest must include Lion in Winter with Katherine Hepburn playing Eleanor or Acquitane

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