Sheroes of History is evolving…

The more eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a few subtle changes taking place across some of the Sheroes of History social media platforms recently. Sheroes of History is evolving.

Since founding Sheroes of History, over four years ago, I have been humbled by the level of interaction that it has seen. I’ve been privileged to receive submissions from writers all around the world, about incredible women who I would never have otherwise heard of, and I’ve marvelled as the blog’s readership has extended to reach a global audience.

I have always had a vision that one day Sheroes of History would become something more, something bigger perhaps. My dream when starting the blog was to reach and inspire women and girls, using the stories of historical heroines to motivate and lift us – to show us what we can be. I feel in my spirit that the time is right to move Sheroes of History into the next phase of its evolution and so I have been quietly squirrelling away working on a re-brand and refocus.

Over time, friends and family have started referring to Sheroes of History as simply ‘Sheroes’ – encompassing all the work I have done in the past four years on the blog, through events and with various partners. And so, I have created a new website, where I plan to take the foundation that Sheroes of History has laid and build upon it.

Sheroes UK, as this new thing will be known, will have a broader remit than Sheroes of History, while still incorporating much of what the former encompassed. Our focus will be to take the stories of incredible sheroes and apply the lessons we can learn from their lives, to the lives of women and girls today.

The new Sheroes tagline is ‘Celebrating. Inspiring. Becoming’ – which sums up what we will do. I want to continue to celebrate amazing Sheroes, both past and present, amplifying their stories. By doing this I hope to inspire all those who hear them, but particularly girls and women. In turn this will enable people to become sheroes in their own lives and communities.

The Sheroes UK vision is to support women and girls to:

  • Believe in themselves
  • Pursue equality
  • Dream big (and achieve those dreams!)
  • Change the world

I will do this through a variety of means including public speaking, more writing, schools work and by forming partnerships with other organisations working with girls and women. It feels new and exciting, some of what this will become I don’t know myself yet. I’m open to opportunities and possibilities, and to seeing where things go. But what I am 100% committed to is really pushing myself to get out there and start making a difference.

The Sheroes of History blog itself will continue to exist in its current form. Submissions are still welcomed and from time to time you will see them appear on the blog. However, I won’t be actively writing for the blog myself anymore – instead I hope to channel my time into Sheroes UK.

That’s it for now, but please, please watch this space! Exciting times are coming. If you have any ideas for how we can work together, would like to book me for an event, commission a piece of writing or invite me to your school, get in touch!

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One thought on “Sheroes of History is evolving…”

  1. You are a Shero, yourself then, aren’t you? 😀 … I wonder if ‘shero’ is the singular of ‘sheroes’ … it doesn’t look quite right, but then, neither does, ‘sheroe’. 🙂 … please advise. 🙂

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