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My thoughts on some great books about brilliant sheroes of history!

I’ve started to build quite a collection of books about historical heroines, over the coming months I will post short reviews of them in this section. Please click through for the full reviews.

*I will clearly state where a review copy of a book has been given to me. If you would like me to consider a women’s history book for review please email

Sorrow Mountain: The Journey of  a Tibetan Warrior Nun – by Ani Pachen & Adelaide Donnelley

Sorrow Mountain

Last year I wrote about Ani Pachen, an incredible shero who was, as the title of this book indicates, a Tibetan warrior nun. Her life intrigued and inspired me, and I wanted to know more, so I ordered her biography Sorrow Mountain, which I’ve just finished reading.

First to say is that this book is beautifully written; Adelaide Donnelley spent months with Ani Pachen in Dharamsala, listening to the stories which made up her incredible, and incredibly sad, life…READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW HERE!

Wilde’s Women – by Eleanor FitzsimonsWilde's Women

They say not to judge a book by its cover, however in this case I’d disagree. I really love the cover of Wilde’s Women by Eleanor Fitzsimons, a gorgeous rendereing of Oscar Wilde, his mother Jane, wife Constance & friend Lille Langtry in purple & green hues reminiscent of the Suffragettes. I think it’s brilliant, and as it turns out, so too is the content that lies within.

This is a book about Oscar Wilde, it is also not a book about Oscar Wilde. Wilde’s Women follows the story of Oscar’s life, giving many wondeful details along the way, brilliantly interwoven with the lives of a multitude of fascinating women who influenced him. It is every bit as much about them as it is about him….READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW HERE!

Women Heroes of World War II – by Kathryn J Atwood

book cover Women-Heroes-of-WWIII was lucky enough to be contacted by Kathryn J Attwood, author of several books about the extraordinary lives of women during the First & Second World Wars. Kathyrn had come across the Sheroes of History blog, and rightly guessed that I might be interested in reading her books.

I have just finished the copy Kathryn sent me of Women Heroes of World War IIa fantastic book which traverses the global scene of the Second World War and tells the stories of 26 of the courageous women who risked their lives to help others….READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW HERE!

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