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Florence White – Activist for the Single Woman

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford, finding number 78D86/6/3/6/1 and is part of the Florence White, family papers, miscellaneous, notes and photographs collection.
Florence White. (Used with permission of the West Yorkshire Archive Service),

Born in Bradford in 1886, the daughter of an illiterate millworker and a colourful but absentee father, Florence White knew, at first hand, the hardships working women faced. A clever child, her limited time at school provided a solid education but no immediate escape from her hardships. At the age of 12 she too was working a 12 hour day in Tankard’s Mill. By the age of 18 Florence suffered a nervous breakdown and had left the Mills behind her. She moved away from the back-to-backs to better housing with the support of her extended family and was able to start a small dressmaking business with her sister.

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