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Molly Murphy MacGregor

“All of our efforts are with the goal of making women’s lives visible, because invisibility is the number one form of bias.”


Interview with Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director National Women’s History Project by Angie Klink. This interview first appeared in Ms Magazine on December 27, 2016.  

Molly Murphy MacGregor was a 26-year-old, California high school history teacher in 1972 when a male student asked her a question that would change the course of her life: “What is the Women’s Movement?” Continue reading Molly Murphy MacGregor

10 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month

As you may know, March is Women’s History Month (WHM). All over the world people are remembering the stories of sheroes who came before us and the remarkable things that they did. Here are 10 ways you can celebrate Women’s History Month this year: Continue reading 10 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month