Sheroes of History is a women’s history blog which shines a spotlight on amazing heroines of the past! From women whose names you may have heard, to those whose stories are less well known, find out about these amazing Sheroes of history.

History has overwhelmingly been written by men, about men. There are a handful of amazing women from history we have heard of, but there are so many more whose inspiring stories have gone untold. I believe that children need more role models who are women to look up to: Sheroes who will show them that they can be whatever they want to be; that they can change the world; that their actions can make a difference and that girls can be superheroes too.

Sheroes of History aims to be inspiring, informative and inclusive, celebrating remarkable women from all walks of life.

NB. Sheroes of History is no longer regularly publishing articles, but please continue to enjoy the amazing profiles that are here on the blog!

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. As a male I am reacting to your statement, ” I believe that young girls especially need more rolemodels to look up to” , or at least the “especially” part. it is my belief that what will bring about gender equality is when young boys are exposed to the sort of women that you are championing here, and when they realize that amazing women can be role models for them too, not just for girls.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I completely agree with you. It was written with the sentiment that much of popular culture, media, and of course history,has many male ‘rolemodels’, whilst there are comparatively few females.

      1. I appreciate your salutary entry about Ruth Sienkiewicz-Mercer. But please note that you are treading on copyright infringement by quoting from our book without permission. Please make sure that there are links to our web site– iraisemyeyes.com– to refer your readers for further information about the paperback, which is still in print and available from us. Also, please attribute the quoted passages on your blog to the book. Thanks very much. Steve Kaplan
        (PS– when I started working with Ruth, I was her teacher and quickly became her friend. We continued to work on the book as friends and co-authors.)

      2. Hi Steve,

        Thanks for getting in touch. I am incredibly sorry if I have done anything I shouldn’t have by quoting from your book – this was not my intention and I can only admit to being new to this. I was deeply inspired by Ruth’s story and wanted to share it with the world. I link to iraisemyeyes.com in two places within the blog post, and direct people towards it for further information. I will of course add the attributions in now as well.

        Many thanks, Naomi

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