Free downloads!

Enjoy these free resources! The factsheets are a great way to introduce Sheroes of History to younger readers.

Black History Month

Download our NEW Black History Month Sheroes calendar! Discover a new shero each day of the month – just click on the faces to find out more about each black heroine. (Also looks great printed out and stuck up on your wall!)

Sheroes of History BHM Calendar 2017

Women’s History Month calendar

Here at Sheroes we think women’s history is for every month of the year, but we still get excited during Women’s History Month. To celebrate download this free, interactive Women’s History Month calendar, with a fabulous shero for every day of the month. Print out and put up, or click on the images to find out more about the shero of the day!

Women's History Month calendar

Click here to download: Women’s History Month Calendar



2015-07-30 19.35.32 (1)

Our factsheets are a great way to introduce Sheroes of History to younger readers. Click on the name to download.

NEW!Delia Derbyshire factsheet

The Night Witches

Ethel Smyth factsheet

Wilma Rudolph factsheet

Anne Bonny and Mary Read Pirate fact sheet

Bessie Coleman factsheet

Princess Khutulun factsheet

Lily Parr Football factsheet

Murasaki Shikibu factsheet

Colouring Sheets

I'm a shero colouring sheet

I’m a shero colouring sheet

Sheroes of history colouring sheet

Sheroes of History colouring sheet

WHM colouring

Women’s History Month colouring sheet

12 thoughts on “Free downloads!”

  1. Thank you for the factsheets and free downloads SHEROES of HISTORY! Plus lots of other fascinating stories.
    I’m a Rainbow Guider and am using some of these to share with and inspire the Rainbow Guides in our unit to grow into confident women of the future inline with the Girl Guiding theme of ‘Girls Can!’
    I really hope other Guiders pick up on your valuable resource.
    Lynda, a.k.a. Badger @ Rainbows!

  2. Just discovered your site this morning and I love it. Ancient and medieval history buff and an admirer of Anna Comnena. Any information about this amazing historian, eye witness to the first crusade, imperial princess?

    1. Hi Brigitte, Thanks for your comment, I’m really glad you like the blog!
      I haven’t heard of Anna Comnena before. Would you be interested in writing something about her for the blog and adding her to our list of sheroes?

    1. Hi Richard, there are a few which spring to mind immediately, although there may well be more. Wilma Rudolph was an Olympic runner, but at a child she had polio and lost the use of her legs. She was told she would never walk, her story is quite inspiring. I also wrote about Ruth Sienkiewicz-Mercer, who had cerebral palsy. We also had a submission a while back about Helen Keller. I’d be keen to feature more stories about sheroes who had disabilities, if you know of any you think should be on the blog do let me know.

      Here are links to them:

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